Meet the Bloggers!

Within the class, there are five different working groups, each of which have a different, semester-long project to help move the grant process along. Here, we introduce you to the people who are in the Bloggers group, so that you can learn a little bit about the people who are writing here every week!

Megan Leonard


Major and Year in School: I am an Arts Management major with a History minor and I am a Senior graduating in May 2015

Topic Most Passionate About: I am most passionate about the arts because I believe that they have the power to change people’s lives. Additionally, they are a very underfunded area in many communities, and I want to help show people how important arts organizations are in our community.

Favorite Part of the Class: So far, my favorite part has been hearing about all of the different needs that we believed in and why we are so passionate about those topics.

Fun Fact: I am very involved in Residence Life including as President of the Residence Hall & Apartment Association at UW-Green Bay and as Vice President of the Wisconsin United Residence Hall Association (WURHA). For these roles I have attended a number of conferences across the state and nation. The picture below is one of my best friends and I after we both won an award at the WURHA 2015 Conference.

Karlyn Meyer

Displaying 042.JPG

Major and Year in School: I’m a Senior and a double major in Dance Pedagogy and Arts Management.

Topic Most Passionate About: The arts have the potential to save lives and bring meaning to so many people. For that reason, I’m passionate about the arts and the powerful impact they make.

Favorite Part of Class: I enjoyed having the representative from the CP Center, Christine Harkness, visit and discuss how last year’s class made such a difference in the facility and the lives of the kids they treat.

Fun Fact: I have a zesty terrier named Winnie (below) who steals treats and the covers.

Displaying winners

Bailey Koepsel

image1 (1)

Major and Year in School: Public Administration (Nonprofit Management and Public Policy double emphasis), Senior graduating in December 2015

Topic Most Passionate About: Animal welfare. I’ve always loved animals and I deeply feel that every animal deserves a forever home.

Favorite Part of Class: Coming to an agreement about the goal we wanted to list on the RFP.

Fun Fact: My fiancé and I have two cats (below) that weigh 18 pounds! They were at the Door County Humane Society for 4 years together and we adopted them as a bonded pair.

image2 (1)

Ian Steuer

image (1)

Major and Year in School: Environmental Policy and Planning, Senior

Topic Most Passionate About: Coming into this class, the topic that interested me the most was the issue on homelessness and housing. These two areas are becoming a growing concern not only in our local community but throughout our country. As our class began cooperating on developing an RFP to send out to potential recipients we decided to incorporate a modified version of helping the homeless. I hope to receive some interest from groups that are willing to address the issue on homelessness.

Favorite Part of Class: My favorite part of the class was listening to our class present their topics that were of interest to them. As an audience member I was able to gauge where our class stood on the many different issues our class has discussed. Homelessness, mental health, the arts, and AODA were all topics that sparked an interesting debate that helped to finally create our RFP. I enjoyed this process.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is I play 5 different instruments, I enjoying skiing and being outdoors as much as I can. Nature is an important factor for my song writing process and also keeps me physically active.


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