The Process of Advocacy

Advocacy is known as a process that an individual or group uses to influence societal institutions. In a more simplistic explanation, the art of advocacy and its importance, represents the amount of various activities we have performed throughout the semester in this class. For example, contacting nonprofits, creating RFP’s, interpreting proposal applications, physically touring sites and using the media to broadcast our purpose. The art of advocacy is a proactive approach and can be applied to every day life, in terms of working towards your goals. The simple act of volunteering and showing your devotion towards a particular issue is extremely beneficial for you and your cause.

As we near the conclusion of this class, it is interesting to reflect on the forms of advocacy we have performed. There was a lot of work performed behind the scenes throughout this process, which reiterates the sense of pride we take in being a part of this unique opportunity. The decision making and conflict resolution among our class members has all led up to our outstanding sense of accomplishment. We hope to inspire new advocates to take that first initial step in becoming a strategic philanthropist and community activist in the future.


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