Meet Gina!


Gina Paulson was a member of the Advocacy for the Arts group in our class. We asked her a few questions to get to know her and her cause better!

what is your major and year in school?
I am a Senior studying Arts Management and Corporate Communication.

Why are you passionate about this topic?
I am passionate about the arts as I have always been involved in them in some way throughout my life. In high school, I was involved in choir, show choir, musicals, yearbook, and photography. I have seen the therapeutic aspects that the arts can provide. When deciding on my studies at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, I was intrigued by a class called “Arts in the Community”. I learned about other benefits that the arts can provide for communities and individuals alike. It was this class that influenced me to become an Arts Management major, because I want to spread the good of the arts to others.

What is the most compelling statistic you found for arts advocacy?
Though I do not remember the exact numbers, I interviewed Kate Green, executive director of the Weidner Center, and her comments about the lack of school funding for the arts were very intriguing. She stated that many schools only get a few hundred dollars for their art budget for the whole year. This is the reason for needing for supplementary programs provided by arts not-for-profits. Many people do not realize these facts and see the arts as being an “extra” or an “add-on” when in reality they can be an outlet for children and even help to raise test scores.

What has been your favorite part of class so far?
My favorite class has been learning about the process of grant-giving. I had participated in mock grant writing in other class, but it is really beneficial to see granting from the other side.


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