Meet Marleigh!


Marleigh is a member of the Affordable Housing/Homelessness group in our Strategic Philanthropy class. In order to get to know her, and the cause, we asked her a few questions!


What is your major and your year in school?

Senior, double majoring in Political Science and Public Administration with an emphasis on Public Management and Policy.

Why are you passionate about Housing/Homelessness?

“I am passionate about homelessness and affordable housing because everyone deserves a safe place to call their own and to make memories in!”

In your opinion, what is the most compelling statistic for this topic?

“One of the more alarming statistics I found on this topic was that there are approximately 1,100 homeless students living in the Green Bay School District.”

What has been your favorite part of class so far?

“My favorite part of the class is being able to plan the event for when our class presents the check to the final selected organization!”


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