Reflections: What Kind of Giver Are YOU? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

During our last meeting, the class was given the opportunity to reflect on how our views on philanthropy have changed after our discussion of the book, “The Life You Can Save” by Peter Singer. A lot of students said that before the book, they thought of philanthropy as financial giving. Singer brings to light a lot of extreme ways to give, but his ideas also make you think of little things you can do that would make a big impact. This book helps the reader think outside of the box when considering philanthropy. How do YOU view philanthropy? Follow this link to a fun quiz and see how your personality traits can determine what kind of giver you are!


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  1. I took the quiz and out of the 4 options of Philanthropy personality styles: Visionary, Ringleader, Cheerleader, or Networker.

    I found out that I am a Networker. 🙂
    Networker: You always, “know someone.” Whether a friend needs a new drycleaner or a new job, your mental rolodex is the supreme matchmaker. When it comes to giving back, your social network comes out in force. Whether recruiting volunteers for a park clean up or to donate to your friend’s cancer walk, when you get involved, the goal is sure to be met. When you donate, not only do you give generously, but you inspire your friends and family to give, as well. When volunteering, you prefer any opportunity that allows you to lend your network to a cause and capitalize on your connections Some suggestions of things you might be into. . . You can pull a group together like nobody’s business and your enthusiasm is contagious.



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