Guest Speakers 


Last week we were joined by the three ladies who started the Strategic Philanthropy class at UWGB. Nancy, Lisa, and Gail brought the idea to UWGB and Dr. Warner was approached to teach the original pilot, and as they said, “The rest is history!”

Nancy, Lisa, and Gail discussed the rough draft RFP with the class,  and gave advice as to where to post it once it was finalized.  We then enjoyed a lengthy discussion about philanthropy in general, and how it is important to learn from the issues but be clear about what you care about. 

They left us with some advice that we would like to share. One person can make a difference–never think that you won’t be able to have an impact.



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  1. These three women have graciously supported the class every year since it began. They have visited and gotten to know each class and helped instill their values about philanthropy. I’m grateful for them! And that there are people like them all over GB making a difference.


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