Meet Stephanie!


(Stephanie, on right, pictured with her father, in middle, and brother, on left)

Stephanie is a member of the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse group in our Strategic Philanthropy class.  In order to get to know her, and the AODA cause, we asked her a few questions!

What is your major and your year in school?  

Senior (graduating in Dec.), Pubic Admin. emphasis in Nonprofit Management and Political Science

Why are you passionate about AODA treatment?

“Growing up I was always attached to my father’s hip, about a decade ago things changed and my father’s addiction took hold; I came dangerously close to losing him on multiple occasions over the years. I always wished he could get quality treatment so that he, and our family, could have recovery, but such treatment is very expensive. When treatment is out of reach, there is an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. I know there are many people in the same situation as my family, desperate for help but cannot afford it which is why I have focused my efforts on the availability of treatment.”

In your opinion, what is the most compelling statistic for this topic?

“I found this statistic provided by the National Drug Intelligence Center to be shocking, they reported heroin use in Wisconsin in 2012 being up 79% from 2007 (Wisconsin State Council, 2014). Heroin is a growing problem everywhere, and it isn’t slowing down.”

What has been your favorite part of class so far?

I enjoyed getting to hear what others in class have found to be important needs to address. Seeing the numbers for a need that i might not otherwise know, has opened my eyes to other issues affecting our community.




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