How We Came to Consensus

After hearing the four fantastic group presentations, our class was struggling to come to consensus on which issue we would choose to receive our funding. All of the needs had very valid points and there were many passionate people on all sides, which only made it more difficult.

We decided that it was important to us to come to consensus, so that no one would feel left out or angry, since it is a class project and everyone should feel good about it. With that in mind, we broke down into group with people from all four of the advocacy groups and we all got out of the mindset of “I want mine to win” and instead looked at what kind of proposal we would want to see. We asked ourselves questions like “do we want a prevention or relief program?” and “do we want something innovative?” These questions helped us to find a common group and eventually, we came up with our goal statement! Below is what we have come up with:

“Our goal is to improve the quality of life for at-risk individuals (ages 12-25) with an innovative approach to the prevention or relief of any of the following: substance abuse, homelessness, or mental health problems.”

In order to incorporate the arts, we included in our criteria section that preference will be given to organizations that incorporate the arts into their program. We did this because we saw the first three as issues in our community, and the arts as a possible way to help solve those issues.

Once we had ur goal statement, the Nonprofit Liaison Group has worked diligently to get our Request for Proposal (RFP) out. This picture shows them sorting out the questions that our class wanted the organizations to answer on the RFP and as you can see, there are a lot of them! This group finalized our RFP and officially sent it out this week, so we are very excited to see the responses that we will be receiving over the next few weeks!




  1. The task of writing the RFP was challenging especially taking all the feedback and working all the suggestions into the final draft. But I am happy with the way the RFP turned out. We are very excited to recieved grant proposals from organizations across Brown County.


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